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13 June 2012
Friendship Express: Pre-departure Party

The SIF Friendship Express programme seeks to connect, promote understanding and nurture enduring relationships between Singaporean and international youths for a better world.

19 May 2012
Arts Connection: Little by Little (Embassy of Mexico in S'pore)

Staff and friends of the Embassy of Mexico in Singapore spent two hours on 19 May 2012 sharing about Mexican culture with youths of the Singapore International Foundation-Little Arts Academy Arts...

17 May 2012
AiRx X SIF Connects! London

SIF celebrated two new collaborations and the strengthening of relationships between Singapore and United Kingdom communities. We inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Asia House to...

15 May 2012
SIV Networking Evening: 'The Well' - a performance by Drama Box

Volunteers acting up Becoming part of a play and shaping the storyline, helps participants get a different view of volunteering. + Read about the evening here -...

12 May 2012
Singapore Insights: A Liveable City

Our friends found out how Singapore optimises her scarce land resources to meet the diverse needs of its five million residents. They also took part in a dialogue with Mr Teo Chong Yean, Deputy...

2 May 2012
DiverseCity 2011

We believe in harnessing the power of its networks to enrich lives and effect positive change for a better world.  To this end, we have convened the first Friends of Singapore (FOS) gathering...

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