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24 November 2017
Sharing Insights into Singapore’s Social Business Landscape

Ten of our media friends from the region experienced Singapore’s social enterprise scene to gain deeper insights into this growing sector. We hosted the journalists from Malaysia, China, India...

10 November 2017
Songs from the Heart of Kupang

Indonesian and Singaporean artists came together to effect positive change through The Kupang Project, a year-long collaboration in 2016 under the SIF Arts for Good initiative. The artists...

30 October 2017
CausewayExchange Arts and Healing Programmes 2017

Professionals in the arts, medical and social sectors from Singapore and Malaysia came together to explore the role of the arts in the field of therapy and medicine through 2017’s Arts and...

29 October 2017
Baring Singapore’s Heart and Soul

Six journalists from across India – Bangalore, Belgaum, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi – spent five days in Singapore exploring the city-state’s heart and soul. The five-day programme...

29 October 2017
SIF Connects! Washington DC

The Singapore International Foundation organised its fifth edition of SIF Connects! Washington DC – our annual event to reconnect with Friends of Singapore in the United States – on 27...

29 October 2017
Water for Life (Siem Reap) Phase 2 Project Launch

On 27 September 2017, the Singapore International Foundation launched another of its signature Water for Life projects in Siem Reap, the third instalment in Cambodia and fifth in Asia. The four-year...

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