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28 March 2016
Play Me, I’m Yours'

Seen a beautifully decorated piano in your neighbourhood or on your way to work? These pianos are part of Play Me, I'm Yours - Singapore, a collaboration where 25 artists decorated 25...

19 January 2016
Words on Wheels, 13- 16 Jan 2016

"You don't have to be a millionaire to make a difference," shares Shaun Eng. Shaun is one of 11 volunteers on the Words on Wheels trip to Vietnam to teach English in a primary and...

3 December 2015
Singapore Insights - Technology for Social Change

How can we leverage on technology for social change? A diverse panel of policy-makers, practitioners and social entrepreneurs came together for Singapore Insights on 27 November 2015. The...

29 October 2015
SIF Connects! Washington DC 2015

100 Singaporeans and Friends of Singapore (FOS) attended the third edition of SIF Connects! Washington DC on 6 October for SIF's our SG50 Dialogue on "What's next, Singapore?"....

28 October 2015
YSE Pitching for Change 2015

After eight months of workshops, mentoring and two overseas study visits to India and Malaysia, our Young Social Entrepreneurs presented their social business ideas at Pitching for Change. Do you...

6 October 2015
Journalist Visit Programme, Indonesia 2015

Nine mid to senior journalists from major publications in Indonesia visited Singapore to experience its head, heart and soul in Singapore’s golden jubilee year, under the SIF’s...

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