First SIF-Malaysia Education Collaboration expected to benefit over 26,000 people

On 14 November 2019, the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and Teach For Malaysia (TFM) launched the Skills for Integrated Education in Schools (SKIES) project in Selangor, Malaysia. The capacity-building project seeks to enhance the professional expertise of primary and secondary school teachers in Malaysia and improve student-centric learning approaches in Malaysia’s public schools.

Since 1993, the SIF and Malaysia have been collaborating at the people-to-people level, particularly in the areas of Arts and Culture, and Business and Livelihood. The launch of SKIES marked the SIF’s first integrated education project in Malaysia, as well as the foundation’s third integrated education project overall. Previous projects were held in Bandung, Indonesia.

At the launch event, guest of honour Mr Abdul Rahim bin Lamin, Representative of the Director, Johor State Education Department, said: “I am proud because this programme is proof of a solid collaboration between Malaysia’s Ministry of Education, the Singapore International Foundation and Teach For Malaysia in sustaining the education sector to uplift the teaching profession in Malaysia.”

Mr Abdul Rahim also congratulated both the SIF and TFM for their collaborative efforts and commitment towards the success of the programme. He added, “I hope that SKIES can be expanded so that all target beneficiaries can reap the full benefits of this programme.” The project is supported by the Selangor State Education Department (JPN Selangor), Johor State Education Department (JPN Johor), Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Education Department (JPWPKL), Gombak District Education Office (PPD Gombak), Keramat District Education Office (PPD Keramat), and Pasir Gudang District Education Office (PPD Pasir Gudang).

The three-year collaboration between the SIF and TFM will see Singapore International Volunteers (SIVs) (in orange) sharing knowledge, skills, and best practices in education with their Malaysian counterparts.
The latest launch marks the SIF’s first initiative in promoting integrated education in Malaysia. SIF Governor Associate Professor Peter Pang (left, both photos) presents tokens of appreciation to partners from Malaysia, Dato’ Tharuma Rajah, Board of Trustees, TFM (left photo) and Guest-of-Honour Mr Abdul Rahim Bin Lamin, Representative of the Director, JPN Johor (right photo).
The first training component commenced after the launch ceremony. Lead SIV Mr Roland Ang (standing) shared with his Malaysian counterparts on the different roles played by teachers in guiding students – not just towards realising their potential, but also to contribute to their communities.
Over 200 Malaysian teachers across three regions – Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor – will be trained in the course of the project. Of this pool of participants, 30 will be identified as master trainers to cascade-train others in the field of education, ensuring long-term sustainability of the project.
Project participants from Malaysia (left) and Singapore (right) shared their key insights from the symposium with each other, enabling cross-cultural learning.

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