Photo Exhibition: Picture a Better World

In June 2017, we invited our Citizen Ambassadors (CA) to share with us their favourite photos taken during their participation in SIF’s programmes, as part of a photo contest Picture a Better World. The response received was heartening! Presented here is a selection of the top 50 photos submitted. They capture the essence of how SIF’s CAs have enabled connections between Singaporeans and world communities – connections that build trust and understanding, resulting in collaborations that uplift lives and effect positive change.

Title: Paddy Field
By: Alvina Wang
Programme: Water for Life – Kampong Speu, Cambodia

A simple hello could lead to a million things. While making their way back to the van in Kampung Speu, the Singapore International Volunteers came across an old lady working hard under the sun in the paddy field. They went over and struck a simple conversation with her. Despite the language barrier and interacting only through minimal hand movements, they were still able to connect deeply! This photo was taken while they offered to help her with her paddy field. She was grateful, and they were delighted they made a friend.

Title: Reaching Out
By: Chua Pei Shan
Programme: Enhancing Healthcare Services for Aging Population – Yunnan, China

This magical moment of our Singapore International Volunteer Team Lead feeding a seagull perfectly captures my thoughts on the project… a connection that holds so much promise. Through a three-year SIF project, healthcare professionals in Singapore and China will connect and collaborate to address a shared social challenge - healthcare services for the aging population in Yunnan.

Title: Connecting Through Play
By: Dr Kwok Yan Hoe
Programme: Words on Wheels – Hanoi, Vietnam

An uplifting and fun moment, shared between volunteers and beneficiaries. During a Words on Wheels reading project, Singapore International Volunteers in Hanoi engaged school children in a fun activity. Even though they did not speak the same language, the friendships they forged transcended language barriers.

Title: Unmasking My Strengths Beyond HIV
By: Dr Esther Joosa
Programme: Empowering Communities Through Arts Education – Tamil Nadu, India

By taking off her “mask”, a young adolescent girl comes out to the community about her HIV status, unafraid and full of hope. She was part of a workshop that incorporated the arts within care-giving practices for communities affected by HIV. Through the arts she has learnt to voice out her hopes, fears and needs. She knows she is not alone and becomes a person who is embraced and loved by the community.

Title: Playing
By: Chen
Programme: Water for Life – Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Even though we can\'t communicate with words, we can communicate through actions. I was very heartened when my fellow volunteers beckoned to the local children to join them in washing the fine sand which will be used in the bio-sand filter to draw out clean water. We might have taken twice as long to complete the task, but the connection and smiles exchanged were more than worth it.

Title: Brushing To(oth)gether
By: Wong Wui Jin and KC Cheng
Programme: Water for Life – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Water and sanitation, health and hygiene lessons come alive in a Cambodian classroom. Water for Life volunteers showing the teachers and students the steps to get healthy gums and a bright white set of teeth. This small gesture instils a new sense of confidence in them when they proudly show off their million-dollar smiles.

Title: Jump Shot
By: Alvina Wang
Programme: Water for Life – Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Happy times come and go, but the memories stay forever. A jump shot taken with the kids of Kampung Speu on the very last day of our clean water programme.

Title: The Spirit of Collaboration
By: Alvina Wang
Programme: Water for Life – Kampong Speu, Cambodia

A good snapshot captures a moment forever. It was a rainy day, and everyone was exhausted from the work done the past few days to bring clean water to the villages. However, they were all smiles for the camera!

Title: Life is either a Daring Adventure or Nothing!
By: Jamie Yin
Programme: Words on Wheels – Bandung, Indonesia

No one is too small to dream. This was taken after we ended our activity with this lovely bunch of boisterous students! Their energy just resonates with the saying - Dream BIG little ones!

Title: We are One Family
By: Tay Choon Yen
Programme: Water for Life – Siem Reap, Cambodia

The hard work pays off. A photo-taking session after installing all the clean water bio-sand filters to conclude a fulfilling day with my group mates. Seeing the smiles of the local residents made it all worthwhile.

Title: Uplifting Lives
By: Norfatris Danial
Programme: Water for Life – Kampong Speu, Cambodia

There\'s no exercise better for the heart than uplifting lives. It is the best feeling of happiness – when you\'re happy because you\'ve made someone else happy.

Title: Picturing a Better World
By: Loo Heng Chuen
Programme: Early Childhood Education – Kolkata, India

The camera possesses the strange power of making the world a better place – instantly!

Title: Water Filter All Set!
By: Muhammad Zeyd
Programme: Water for Life – Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Our group completing the installation of a water filter for a family. The fatigue, sweat and heat was all worth our while, as seen by the happy expressions of the couple!

Title: Who Needs a Siesta?
By: Gladys Ng
Programme: Words on Wheels – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

It is the long lunch break and siesta time but when the Singapore International Volunteers are here, no one wants to nap!

Title: Learning
By: Kwei Chai Chang
Programme: Words on Wheels – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

You learn something every day if you pay attention. The enthusiastic kids were so attentive, and it made teaching them such a joy.

Title: Sharing a Tender Moment
By: Nirmala Karuppiah
Programme: Early Childhood Education – Mumbai, India

Young minds keen to learn, ready to absorb. This picture was taken when I had gone as part of a Singapore International Volunteers team to conduct workshops for early childhood education for school leaders.

Title: Sharing Knowledge
By: Chen Jinwen
Programme: Water for Life – Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Coming into another country, into an unfamiliar environment, we learn from our host partners and the local residents we meet. We work together for a better cause. Here, staff from the host partner teaches us how to un-mould a bio-sand filter. Despite our best efforts, he easily does things twice - or thrice - as fast as us!

Title: It‘s a Small World After All
By: Betty Lee
Programme: Words on Wheels – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Volunteers, teacher and interpreter lead the action-packed song, to the delight of the students.

Title: Volunteer work at Ling Chang School
By: Tan Kai Yeow
Programme: Young Business Ambassadors – Shanghai, China

This picture aims to showcase the impact of volunteerism and spirit of cultural exchange. The greatest reward after a day out teaching at a migrant school – seeing every child smile.

Title: Emergency Medical Care and Management – Phnom Penh, Cambodia
By: Jennifer Ting Chia Wei
Programme: Together We Can Make a Difference

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Title: The Effect of Positive Change – Handwashing
By: Lin Jiawen
Programme: Water for Life – Yangon, Myanmar

Volunteers teaching and inculcating the importance of hygiene to kids living in a rural area in Myanmar.

Title: A Few is Better than One!
By: Lee Hok Fai
Programme: Water for Life – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Team work for a better world. Washing the gravel and stones for the bio-sand filters is much easier when you’re not alone.

Title: Playing the London Bridge Game
By: Allan Tee
Programme: Water for Life – Yangon, Myanmar

The children of Kaw Hmu Village playing the

Title: Reaching for the Sky
By: Jonathan Lim
Programme: Water for Life – Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Building a future where everyone can reach for the skies and their dreams above.

Title: Straw Challenge
By: Foo Kok Jian
Programme: Words on Wheels – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Satisfied students and a Singapore International Volunteer posing with their completed straw structure.

Title: Balloon Lesson
By: Jin Hao Pang
Programme: Words on Wheels – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nothing beats balloons when it comes to bringing a smile to a child’s face, or capturing his or her full attention.

Title: Fun, Joy, Love
By: Julien Ng
Programme: Words on Wheels – Hanoi, Vietnam

Capturing the moment of fun, joy and laughter. This game brought out the little kid in me and helped me connect with the children.

Title: Share and Learn
By: Julien Ng
Programme: Words on Wheels – Hanoi, Vietnam

Sharing and learning from each other’s cultures. The more we learn about each other, the more we understand and empathise with one another.

Title: Role Playing
By: Dr Daniel Fung Shuen Sheng and Dr Cai Yiming
Programme: Children\'s Mental Health – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Role play training to help address difficult issues relating to mental health.

Title: Love
By: Kue Kheng Zie
Programme: Water for Life – Yangon, Myanmar

A little bit of love goes a long way in bringing joy to people’s hearts. It is easy to bring positivity to those around us.

Title: Education
By: Kue Kheng Zie
Programme: Water for Life – Yangon, Myanmar

Education aims to boost the young up the ladder of knowledge. Especially true for children who see the world through eyes filled with wonder.

Title: Happiness
By: Kue Kheng Zie
Programme: Water for Life – Yangon, Myanmar

A smile is happiness under your nose.

Title: Making a Difference Can Be Simple
By: Wendy Choo
Programme: In-Field English Language Teacher – Vientiane, Laos

I had a conversation with young monks at Sokpaluang Temple after my work hours to help them practise English, while learning about Buddhism.

Title: Building Friendships through Soccer
By: Wendy Choo
Programme: In-Field English Language Teacher – Vientiane, Laos

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! When volunteering, participate in all the other activities that the local organization sets up to build friendships!

Title: Shiny Teeth
By: Azlina Ahmad
Programme: Water for Life - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Teachers demonstrating tooth brushing steps. Follow these steps and show off your pearly whites when you flash your dazzling smiles.

Title: Melting Pot of Friends over a Nice Meal
By: Leonard Soh
Programme: Young Social Entrepreneurs – Mumbai, India

The best way to get to know a culture and meet a friend is over a nice delicious meal.

Title: Piggy Art
By: Khong Mei Chen
Programme: Words on Wheels – Hanoi, Vietnam

After reading the story

Title: Baby Steps to Brighter Teeth
By: Chua Yue Yi
Programme: Water for Life – Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Learning the proper techniques of tooth-brushing is infused with fun for these students. Knowledge sharing for a better hygiene, a better world.

Title: Thirst for Knowledge
By: Gan Wei Yi
Programme: Words on Wheels – Bandung, Indonesia

Watching these kids huddling outside the classroom door really struck a chord in my heart. They were students from other classes, who spent their break time trying to catch a glimpse of the Singapore International Volunteers teaching inside. How many of us truly remember what it felt like being so eager for knowledge, and wanting to know more not because of grades or competition, but for the love of learning?

Title: Celebration of Teamwork
By: Didier Ng Wei Chi
Programme: Art of Sustainability – Shanghai, China

We may be from different countries, but we work together as a team and complete the artwork. Appreciate the help from my international counterparts in a foreign land.

Title: Hand in Hand
By: Didier Ng Wei Chi
Programme: Art of Sustainability – Shanghai, China

Literally lending a helping hand no matter who you are and where you are from, we create hope.

Title: Collaborative Learning
By: Betsy Ng
Programme: Words on Wheels – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Getting the students together to learn concept mapping in a collaborative manner, is the fun of learning.

Title: Connecting with a Purpose
By: Priscilla Ang
Programme: Young Social Entrepreneurs – Mumbai, India

As a social enterprise which produces environmentally friendly mosquito repellent, we found the study visit to Mumbai useful. We learnt more about how to address the lack of protection against the Aedes mosquito especially among children/infants in low income families and the elderly.

Title: All Smiles
By: Natalie Goh
Programme: Water for Life – Siem Reap, Cambodia

The connection I shared with this student made me realise that I can do something small to help make it better for someone else. Clean water is so readily accessible for me that it didn’t occur to me how life is like for them, how they could fall sick from consuming unclean water. I’m glad I had this opportunity to offer my help and improve their situation.

Title: Laughter is the Best Medicine
By: Nuraqilah Anisah, Liu Jiayun, Natalie Goh
Programme: Water for Life – Siem Reap, Cambodia

A seemingly silly and small activity like brushing our teeth together brought us closer together and it dawned on me that having a meaningful connection is easy. A better world is in our grasp if we would only just make a small effort to connect with someone.

Title: Throne Fit for a King
By: Imis Iskandar
Programme: CHAIRITY: Art and Design Against Cancer – Jakarta, Indonesia

CHAIRITY Indonesia 2016 is a collaborative platform for artists from Singapore and Indonesia to express their experiences with cancer - as artwork on chairs. The exhibition brought together some 50 Indonesian and Singaporean artists to design 54 chairs which were then auctioned off at the CHAIRITY gala dinner, raising some $830,000 for the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (Jakarta Division) and the Indonesian Children Oncology Foundation. Here I am honoured to be pictured with Indonesian artist Tatang Ramadhan Bouqie, who worked with us in CHAIRITY.

Title: Multi-Cultural Master Chefs
By: Daniel Tan
Programme: Journalist Visit Programme – Singapore

Food always brings people together. The SIF’s Journalist Visit Programme brought together journalists from India, China and Indonesia in a Singaporean kitchen at Food Playground. As distinct as the spices used in their own national cuisines, these sporting journalists rolled up their sleeves and dished out the best of a collaborative effort – Singaporean food, with a dash of international flavour.

Title: The Food Connection
By: Daniel Tan
Programme: Journalist Visit Programme – Singapore

Masters over the written word, but how do they fare in the kitchen? Here two journalists from India and China face a new challenge in a Multi-Cultural Cookout at Food Playground.

Title: Together we stand
By: Ernest Wong
Programme: Young Social Entrepreneurs Programme – Mumbai, India

Camp Hiro is a social enterprise that brings awareness, empathy and ownership of social issues. This educational walking tour at Dharavi in Mumbai gave insight into the issues the local community there faced and it was a reminder to continue to make a conscious effort to address real community needs.

Title: The Power of Words
By: Wong Wui Jin
Programme: Words on Wheels – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tell me and I forgot. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.


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