YSE Makes Debut in China

Our signature Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) programme made its debut in China with two concurrent events held in Shanghai!

Marking YSE’s 10th anniversary, 2019’s inaugural Study Visit and Overseas Workshop in China connected young aspiring changemakers – from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore and Thailand – to benefit from cross-cultural exchanges and insights into China’s vast and vibrant social enterprise landscape. From insightful sharing sessions by acclaimed industry leaders to visits to social enterprises, incubators and venture capital firms, participants had the chance to network and exchange cross-border perspectives.

Check out the team’s various stops and activities over one week in Shanghai!

For the first time in YSE’s ten-year history, the study visit was held concurrently with an overseas workshop, enabling a dynamic exchange between young changemakers from over eight countries!
Xiao Long (in blue), a student with disabilities from World of Art Brut Culture (WABC) Charity Foundation facilitates an art therapy session with the international and Chinese YSEs, demonstrating the potential for the arts to create an inclusive space and to empower persons with diverse abilities.
International participants bridge cross-border friendships through art co-creation during the Inclusiveness and Enterprise workshop led by WABC.
A learning visit to Mahota Farm at Chongming Island exposes participants to the farm’s composting process using recycled agricultural waste, in line with Mahota’s mission of running a carbon neutral farm.
International participants from the study visit immerse in an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) experience curated by Cognitive Leap, a precision healthcare company which utilises VR and Artificial Intelligence to address mental health issues.
Mr Loh Tuck Wai, Singapore Consul-General to Shanghai (on right) gets to know China-based YSEs CYOT and Makittos at the networking dinner.
Elim Chew, SIF’s Special Advisor to the YSE programme, shares her valuable experience and insights as a Business Clinic mentor to the young changemakers.
Participants gleaned insights from a panel discussion on the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in creating and enhancing social impact as well as ways to access AI even as a non-developer. Panellists from left are Mr XinYu Qu, CTO of Bus Listening, Dr. James Ong, Founder and CEO of Origami Frontiers, Mr Mahdi Shariff, Co-Founder of Guanxi.AI and moderator, Mr Dean Wang, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI Expert, McKinsey & Co. Singapore.
Russ Neu, Founder and CEO of Social Collider from Singapore works with team Peach Talk (China) at a Social Enterprise Marketplace where YSEs learnt ways to leverage shared resources to advance the growth of their SEs.
YSEs from Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Nigeria explore potential areas for collaboration at the Social Enterprise Marketplace.
With the help of a sign-language interpreter, workshop participant Shiqun Hu, Co-founder of UDS Art Office, inspires the panel at the Media Pitching Session with the story of how his team of hearing-impaired artists makes a mark in the world of art and business.
Participants bond over a team-building activity led by Shanghai Young Bakers, an organisation under Chi Heng Foundation that provides free French bakery training to marginalised Chinese youth, empowering them to find employment after graduation.
From actionable insights to valuable friendships forged, participants share their heartfelt reflections and takeaways from the study visit.
Of course, no visit to Shanghai is complete without a photo of the city’s breathtaking skyline!

24 October 2019
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