Indonesians And Singaporeans Collaborate To Inspire Social Change Through Music

The Singapore International Foundation harnesses the power of arts for social impact in partnership with the Roslin Orphanage, Nita Aartsen, Clement Chow and other international artists.

Jakarta, Indonesia, 14 October 2017 – Inspired by the residents at the Roslin Orphanage in Kupang, Indonesia, two renowned artists­­—Indonesian jazz musician Nita Aartsen and Singaporean composer Clement Chow—produced a music album in collaboration with the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and the Roslin Orphanage. The music album, entitled Songs from the Heart of Kupang will be launched on Saturday, 14 October 2017 at the Paviliun 28 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The album features the voices of residents of the Roslin Orphanage with contributions from international musicians. All proceeds from the sale of the album will go to the orphanage.

“This project demonstrates the spirit of ‘gotong royong’ between our Singaporean and Indonesia communities. The collaboration between artists to empower the kids at Roslin last year has birthed a music album today to facilitate future fund-raising by the orphanage.  Do enjoy the music and please give generously to support the education and livelihood programmes of Roslin Orphanage” said Jean Tan, Executive Director at SIF.

The production of the album followed the culmination of The Kupang Project which was supported by the SIF in 2016.  The album and the Kupang Project are part of the SIF’s Arts for Good initiative which harnesses the power of the arts for social impact.

The Kupang Project was a collaboration between Singaporean and Indonesian artists and Roslin Orphanage to include arts-based skills in the education of the children to develop their self-confidence and artistic talents. The artists held a series of Train-the-Trainer workshops for caregivers at the orphanage and developed a Creative Education Programme to benefit future residents of the orphanage.

“I am very grateful to lead in this musical project and appreciate the support of musicians and teams from all over the world, such as Indonesia, Singapore, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. I am especially thankful for Pak Budi, his family, and the Roslin kids, who had the faith to do this album. Congratulations to all of us, peace on earth!” said Nita Aartsen, Music Director and Composer, Songs from the Heart of Kupang music album.

“It has been my joy to meet Pak Budi and spend time with the kids from the Roslin Orphanage. I am glad to have introduced Nita to the project, and to have worked with her and other artists to share our skills and knowledge with the children. We are delighted to see them express themselves better, and gain confidence in the process,” said Clement Chow, Producer and Composer, Songs from the Heart of Kupang music album.

The SIF’s Arts for Good initiative galvanises greater community involvement through the arts to aid in sustainable change, particularly in fostering inclusive communities, promoting sustainable urban living and enabling livelihood.

 “We are very excited to collaborate with Nita and Clement again and we really appreciate the help and participation willingly and wholeheartedly rendered by our Singaporean friends. This partnership was founded on mutual trust, working together to create future professionals who will be able to contribute to society.” said Budi Soehardi, Founder, Roslin Orphanage.



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