Our Better World Uncovers New Findings on Social Giving to Further Drive Positive Impact through Digital Storytelling

A recent survey from over 1,000 visitors to Our Better World’s Virtual Reality showcase at Meshminds 2.0 ArtxTechForGood exhibition provides new insights into the effectiveness of digital storytelling of people doing good in Asia.

Singapore, 30 April 2019 – Our Better World (OBW), the digital storytelling platform of the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), today shared new findings that connect digital storytelling with people’s propensity to support social causes in Asia.

The findings come from a post-experience survey by 1,120 visitors to OBW’s virtual reality (VR) showcase at Meshminds 2.0 ArtxTechForGood exhibition. These visitors took an immersive dive into the worlds of those living with visible and invisible disabilities through OBW’s original three-story VR series In a Different Sense. The series comprised stories from Indonesia, India and Singapore.

92 percent of the respondents said the stories helped them empathise with the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities and moved them to do more to treat people with disabilities equally. 88 percent shared that the stories inspired them towards building a more inclusive society. Stories told via experiential VR may make stories come alive, but research also showed a similar activation of empathy with stories told through other formats.

Since 2016, an Asia-specific research has provided OBW with unique intelligence in creating video stories which lead to social impact. OBW collaborated with international market research firm Kantar Millward-Brown to better understand the national psyche and motivations of online audiences in Asia, addressing the lack of primary research on digital storytelling for social impact in the region.

By leveraging insights on OBW’s audience behaviour to create effective digital stories, OBW has seen significant improvements over the past year in spurring netizens in Asia to support social causes. In 2018, 35 OBW stories garnered over 37 million online views and resulted in over five million actions, including shares, likes, comments and story actions (such as donations and volunteer enquiries).

Rebecca Lim, Head of OBW, SIF, said: “We are encouraged by how our stories have successfully galvanised the online community in Asia to take action and help others. Our aim is to be the Singapore story of digital innovation for social impact. And research and surveys aid OBW’s efforts to create compelling digital content to power movements for change. We look forward to exchanging our insights with other non-profit organisations, media platforms and potential partners who share our vision to leverage on digital storytelling for positive impact.”

To learn more about Our Better World’s reach and impact, view the 2018 Impact Report: https://www.ourbetterworld.org/impact/2018.

For more details on OBW’s research on social giving, please refer to Annex A.



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