Singapore: Insights from the Inside – Vol. II brought together 50 Friends of Singapore (FOS) from 20 nationalities to share their personal insights on the head, heart and soul of Singapore, as part of the Singapore International Foundation’s (SIF) SG50 celebrations.

Minister for Education and SG50 Steering Committee Chairman Heng Swee Keat celebrated the launch of Singapore: Insights from the Inside – Vol. II with book contributors, members of SIF’s board of governors and SIF Executive Director Jean Tan.

“As we celebrate Singapore’s golden jubilee this year, we need both loving critics and critical lovers as we chart the course for the next 50 years. Our friends have not only provided us with food to reflect on what Singapore is, but also to envisage what we can be and what we collectively can do to build a better world,” wrote Prof Tommy Koh, Singapore’s Ambassador-at-Large in Singapore: Insights from the Inside’s foreword.

The second volume of Singapore stories launched in March 2015, is a partnership between Friends of Singapore and SIF to foster greater cross-cultural understanding between Singaporeans and world communities, and forms part of the SIF’s efforts this year to include the international community in celebrating Singapore’s 50th year of independence. Contributors to the book had lived, worked or studied in Singapore at one point of their lives thus providing a unique perspective that answers the question, What is Singapore? - so that more, including Singaporeans, might come to know Singapore better.

The book launch centered around a dialogue between book contributors Kamsiah Kamaruddin, Deputy Malaysian High Commissioner, Andrew Mead, ex-Principle Design Manager, Land Transport Authority Singapore, Grace Sai, Co-Founder, The Hub Singapore and the book’s editor Richard Hartung, Managing Director, Transcarta.

Dialogue panellists and guests reflected on Singapore’s past and present, and discussed and shared views on the holistic development of a future-ready Singapore – nurturing a society driven by passion and creativity through innovative education practices, and the growth and appreciation of arts and culture. Altogether, discussants envisaged the Singapore of tomorrow as a major contributor to collective efforts in building a better world.

Singapore’s Minister for Education and Chairman of SG50 Steering Committee, Heng Swee Kiat celebrated the book launch with the contributors and SIF.

SIF, as part of its efforts to reconnect with Friends of Singapore around the world, will continue this series of dialogues in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC this year involving the international community there to share their perspectives on What is and What’s next, Singapore?


19 March 2019
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