Since 1995, our volunteers from fields as varied as IT and fashion have made their way to Bhutan to share their skills and knowledge with many of the country’s educators and young people.

Teaming up with partners such as Bhutan’s Ministry of Education, Royal University of Bhutan and Temasek Foundation in Singapore, volunteers such as Lin Lit San spent a year there incorporating IT into secondary school classrooms, working with lecturers and trainee teachers to develop curricula that made use of information technology’s possibilities. 
Fashion lecturer Tan Peck Leng’s time there was spent training youth and professional tailors in methods of dressmaking that went beyond those involved in constructing the mountainous kingdom’s traditional dress.
Through our partnership with ministries such as Labour and Human Resources in Bhutan, and organisations such as Singapore’s LaSalle School of the Arts, we’re working to enhance education for its youth and grow opportunities for them when they enter the workforce.
There are no vacant projects in Bhutan, but you can view vacancies in other countries.  If you have any enquiries, you can email us at

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