Since 2001, we have been facilitating collaborations between Singapore volunteers and Cambodians to improve healthcare, education, social services and livelihoods in and around Siem Reap and Phnom Penh since 2001.

SIF’s friendship with Cambodia is reflected in the enduring friendships between individuals and organisations from both countries.

Cambodian partners, like the National Paediatric Hospital, have worked with us to improve maternal and infant health in Phnom Penh, while Singapore partners, like Metro, have supported our efforts to improve quality of life for children with special needs and at-risk youths, among others.

Cambodia is also where we launched our first Direct Service Project, Water for Life, which saw regular groups of Singapore volunteers building and installing water filters in rural villages near Siem Reap, for 9,000 villagers to have easy access to clean drinking water. We have since launched our second Direct Service Project in the Kampong Speu province in Phnom Penh which will benefit over 8,400 villagers.

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