By working with communities in Myanmar to develop healthcare, education and social work, we have cultivated meaningful relationships between the people of both countries since 1995 and in turn enabled collaboration for tangible good.

Over the years, more than 500 Singapore International Volunteers (SIVs) have worked on community development initiatives to uplift lives in Myanmar. Volunteers such as the team of early childhood educators led by Dr Khoo Kim Choo, a Singapore pioneer and international consultant in early childhood development, have helped to train their counterparts in areas such as child development and special needs as well as parent and community involvement in Yangon.

Come April 2013, through our newly-launched Water for Life (Yangon), we will be bringing Singapore volunteers alongside to install water tube wells to provide access to water, as well as conduct educational and community outreach activities on Basic Hygiene, Nutrition, Financial Literacy.

This three-year project will improve the quality of life of rural villagers by improving access to clean drinking water of more than 7,300 people from Kaw Hmu and Kungyangon Townships. The project also addresses gaps in rural communities’ water ecosystems to reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases, improve hygiene and sanitation conditions, enhance livelihood opportunities and improve overall well-being.

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