Outstanding Singapore International Volunteer Award 2012 Results

17 Sep 2012

From left: Ms Ang Poh Wah, Prof David Koh, President Tony Tan Keng Yam, SIF Chairman Ms Euleen Goh, Dr Khoo Kim Choo

The inaugural Outstanding Singapore International Volunteer Award 2012 is a new award recognising volunteers who have shared their expertise, time and resources in multiple countries, shown exceptional leadership in enabling long term change such as creating mindset changes and lobbying for policy changes in those countries, and rallied other professionals from Singapore to come forward and volunteer as well.

Seven individuals were nominated by their peers and overseas partners. Three of them demonstrated exceptional leadership in lobbying overseas decision makers to create policy change.

They have also proactively engaged a wide spectrum of local professionals in Singapore to support the projects, creating greater opportunities for professional networking, sharing and learning.

When the time came to decide on who it should be, the panel faced a difficult challenge. All three of the nominees have demonstrated in different ways such exemplary commitment, impact, leadership and personal growth, that a decision was made to confer an award on each of the three who stand tall as excellent role models for our SIV community. They received their awards from SIF patron, President Tony Tan Keng Yam at the annual Singapore International Volunteers Appreciation Evening on 14 September 2012.

Professor David Koh was recognised as the most inspiring volunteer with his 17 years of unwavering, dedicated service and conferred the Outstanding SIV Award. Ms Ang Poh Wah and Dr Khoo Kim Choo were both presented with the Outstanding SIV 2012 Special Commendation Award.

Congratulations to all three recipients!

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