What We Do

The Singapore International Volunteers community makes friends for a better world by directly contributing to sustainable projects to uplift lives overseas.

Committed to being agents of sustainable positive change, and driven by the conviction to conduct ourselves respectfully and responsibly, we come together as a community to share our knowledge, skills and resources with others.

And building on our experience of sending close to 2,000 volunteers abroad over the last 20 years, we also create an international volunteer journey filled with opportunities for growth and development for ourselves and our friends overseas.

Direct Service Projects
Direct Service Projects aim to yield tangible and immediately observable outcomes to overseas communities, as well as present learning opportunities and meaningful service experiences for volunteers.

This is a new platform for the SIF’s overseas community development projects, where groups of general volunteers can participate in projects to enhance the quality of life for overseas communities.

In-field SIV Assignments
In-field SIVs live and work in overseas communities between six months and two years, serving as teachers, healthcare workers, community and social workers, vocational trainers, business and IT advisers, or medical practitioners.

They transfer their skills and strengthen the capabilities of their overseas counterparts.

Specialist Teams
Specialist SIVs work in team-based, skills-transfer projects where they visit overseas partners regularly to build organisational and institutional capacity.

They conduct training to upgrade the skills and technical know-how of the overseas communities, and also train hosts to become trainers themselves to enable greater self-reliance.

Our work in SIV specialist teams seeks to empower local partners so they can become catalysts for long-term positive change in their own communities. The SIF's specialist team projects are anchored on the following:

  • Incorporating the Training of Trainers (ToT) approach as a central element for human resource development and capacity building
  • Transferring skills and technical know-how to benefit people in the local community as widely as possible
  • Teaching appropriate skills and technology, guided by existing skills levels and resources available in the local partner and host country
  • Working with a local partner that is committed and has the resources to sustain the skills and technology transferred over the long-term


Here, volunteer trainers carry out short-term workshops specially designed to upgrade specific knowledge and skills of host agencies. Conducted on a once-off or regular basis, these workshops allow volunteers to participate in short-term, high-impact training for host agencies.

The partnership of individual volunteers and organisations is vital to our overseas community development projects. Please join us in our efforts towards a better world by clicking here or emailing siv@sif.org.sg.

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