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The Singapore International Volunteers community believes in helping to uplift lives through sustainable development projects overseas. We also believe that volunteer journeys provide valuable opportunities for personal growth.

Join our community to connect with like-minded volunteers, gain access to resources to help you help others, and be the first to know about new events and projects.

The Ottawa Declaration

The Singapore International Foundation supports The Ottawa Declaration.

The Ottawa Declaration emphasises the role which millions of volunteers all over the world are playing and their contribution to sustainable development. It also requests the UN to ensure that organisations involved with international volunteering are among the stakeholders to be consulted in the ongoing discussions.

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The FORUM Charter

The International FORUM on Development Service (known as “FORUM”) is the most significant global network of International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations. FORUM aims to share information, develop good practice and enhance co-operation and support between its Members. Together, FORUM Members explore innovative practice and research key contemporary issues, focusing on organisational learning and improved practice. The Singapore International Foundation is a member of FORUM.

The FORUM Charter outlines values and principles that FORUM asks Member organisations to aspire to, and sign up to, when they join FORUM. Based on what was agreed in principle by the quorum of Members present at the 2009 AGM in Budapest, this document aims to be a "timeless" one.

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The Paris Accord

SIF has pledged our support to the Paris Accord on Volunteering for Sustainable Development in October 2013. The Accord outlines the importance of recognising volunteer-driven development as one of the key movements for promoting an inclusive, equal, peaceful and sustainable future.

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The Lima Declaration

SIF has pledged our support to the Lima Declaration, for the role of international volunteerism to be recognised in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and for International Volunteerism to be supported in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

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