Welcome Remarks by Mr Jaryll Chan, SIF Division Director, Programmes Division, at the Young Social Entrepreneurs 2019 Shanghai Workshop Networking Dinner, at 724 Hub, Shanghai, China

Mr Loh Tuck Wai, Consul-General, Consulate-General in Shanghai,
Ms Xia Mingyue, World of Art Brut Culture (WABC),
Ms Ding Li, Vice President, Non-Profit Incubator (NPI),

Esteemed Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

欢迎大家! (huān yíng dà jiā). Thank you for spending your evening with the SIF, at the Young Social Entrepreneurs, or YSE, networking dinner in Shanghai.

Singapore and China have built a strong and warm friendship through almost three decades of bilateral relations. Both countries have a deep respect for each other. It is the SIF’s privilege to be able to connect our communities to collaborate and effect positive change. Since 1993, the SIF has collaborated with our Chinese friends at the people-to-people level, primarily in healthcare and now in social entrepreneurship. This latest series of events—YSE’s first ever Study Visit and Overseas Workshop in Shanghai—marks a significant milestone in our relationship.

Our world today is becoming increasingly complex, facing challenges from rising inequality, climate change, to technological disruptions. These shared issues cannot be solved by individuals alone. The Chinese have a saying, 单丝不成线,独木不成林 (dān sī bù chéng xiàn, dú mù bù chéng lín), meaning: “a single thread cannot become a rope; a single tree does not make a forest.” This is why the SIF believes in the importance of friendships to build a better world. For YSE Shanghai, we have brought together like-minded individuals from different parts of the world—Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It is heartening to see youths of different nationalities gathered here – sharing a passion to tackle societal challenges through innovative solutions and make the world a better place.

YSE started in 2010 as a three-day bootcamp. Today, YSE has evolved into an eight-month-long incubation programme with over 1,000 alumni from 30 nationalities. Participants receive mentorship from leading industry players, embark on an overseas study visit, and have funding opportunities. We have also expanded with Overseas Workshops in various cities. To be here in China on our 10th anniversary is a great honour, and it stands as testament to how much the programme has grown over the past decade.

None of our success would have been possible without the steadfast support of our friends and partners. I would like to thank our main partner World of Art Brut Culture for their support and re-engagement in SIF’s programmes. Special mention also goes to Non-Profit Incubator and all supporting organisations in YSE’s Shanghai debut. We are deeply grateful for your warmth and hospitality in hosting us. Thank you to Singapore Consul-General Mr Loh as well, for taking time off your busy schedule to join us tonight. To our young changemakers, I hope you will seize the opportunity to gain insights through the YSE programme and build networks and friendships.

谢谢大家 (xiè xiè dà jiā) and enjoy the rest of your evening!



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