Celebrating Partnerships for Good

SIF Patron, President Tony Tan, presents inaugural appreciation awards to 10 partners for outstanding contributions and service.

At the Partner Appreciation Dinner 2013, SIF Chairman Euleen Goh honoured each and every partnership, recent or long-standing, to thank them for choosing to journey alongside us in our common goal of building a better world.

The awards were presented at the biennial SIF Partner Appreciation Dinner which was held on 17 October 2013. Here’s where we honour our funders, partners, alumni and volunteers whose contributions make our work possible and impactful. With their generous contributions of funding, expertise, time or resources, they have worked with us over the past two years to make a positive difference.

Among the more than 300 partners who attended were 10 individuals and organisations which, for the past two years, played especially significant roles in impacting lives in the areas of healthcare, education, the environment, arts & culture, and business & livelihood. They include a Singapore International Volunteer who has dedicated 10 years of volunteer service to enhance the standards of physical rehabilitation services in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, two passionate advocates for arts and culture, and youth, as forces for good in creating understanding and building connections between communities, corporations which have equipped us with resources to improve the lives of many in developing communities and like-minded organisations who partner us to make a difference through sharing skills and knowledge.

In recognition of the exemplary efforts of these partners, SIF Patron, President Tony Tan, presented Awards of Appreciation to the following:

KK Women's and Children's Hospital

For raising the standards of maternal and child healthcare to reduce infant mortality in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, by sending more than 50 healthcare professionals as volunteers to train 400 medical professionals in these countries over the past two years.

Associate Professor Celia Tan

For enhancing standards of professional training of physical rehabilitation practitioners in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, by leading multi-disciplinary teams of medical and allied health professionals as volunteers to train their peers in these countries over the past 10 years.

METRO (Private) Limited

For improving the lives of thousands of children in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam, by providing them access to clean drinking water, hygiene education, bursaries and improved school facilities and healthcare services, through sponsorship of SIF’s Water for Life (Lamongan) and specialist capacity building projects.

Temasek Foundation

For enhancing the quality of healthcare education in Sri Lanka and school education in Bhutan, by sponsoring healthcare and information communication and technology professionals as volunteers to train more than 400 of their peers in these countries on innovative approaches to education.


For facilitating learning and reading among 4,000 schoolchildren and communities in Indonesia, with free access to books, internet facilities, as well as community learning initiatives centred around a mobile library, by sponsoring SIF’s Words on Wheels (Bandung) project.

Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore

For improving the quality of life of more than 10,000 villagers in Cambodia, with access to clean drinking water, training of medical professionals, improving basic literacy among women, by sending staff as volunteers and through its sponsorship of SIF’s Water for Life (Siem Reap) project.

Keppel Land

For facilitating learning and reading among 8,500 schoolchildren in Vietnam with the set-up of community libraries in rural schools, providing more than 7,000 villagers in Myanmar with access to clean drinking water and hygiene education, by sending staff as volunteers and through its sponsorship of SIF’s Words on Wheels (Hanoi) and Water for Life (Yangon) projects.

Ngee Ann Development Pte Ltd

For improving the quality of life of over 34,000 villagers in Cambodia by providing access to clean drinking water, hygiene education, as well as enhancing rural health facilities, through its sponsorship of SIF’s Water for Life (Siem Reap) and Water for Life (Kampong Speu) projects.

Audrey Wong

For championing the forging of partnerships with Singaporean artists as cultural ambassadors to connect, promote understanding and build relationships between Singaporeans and world communities through SIF’s suite of cultural connections programmes.

Hee Joh Liang

For championing the promotion of understanding and the building of relationships between Singaporean and international students and regional communities through SIF’s Friendship Express and Singapore Challenge programmes.

Ten partners were recognised for their outstanding contributions and service at SIF’s biennial partner appreciation event, receiving their Awards of Appreciation bearing the Patron’s seal from President Tony Tan.

As we toasted existing friendships and looked forward to forging new ones, it was a timely reflection of the good that has resulted from our collective effort with these award recipients and so many others. Together with our partners, SIF projects impact over 18,000 lives in developing communities annually, engage over 1,000 youths annually to build cross-cultural friendships, and have partnered over 270 artists and arts groups to connect communities around the world. No mean feat – and possible only because of our partners who share our vision of making the world a better place.

Read the speech made by Ms Euleen Goh, SIF Chairman at the Partners Appreciation Dinner here.

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