Friends for Good - SIV Networking Session

Singapore International Volunteers (SIVs) reconnected with old friends and found new ones as they immersed themselves in a therapeutic painting session on 27 June.

We all know the importance of keeping in touch with friends and making new ones. It is with this mind that regular Singapore International Volunteers (SIVs) networking sessions are hosted by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF).  This month, we invited the members of our SIV community and their friends for a night of reflections and creative expression through painting.

The theme for the evening was “Friendship Through Creative Expression”, and participants were invited to create paintings which reflected their thoughts on the spirit of volunteering, overseas community service and cross-border friendships.

Our participants were very enthusiastic in exploring their creative side on the blank canvases to create beautiful artworks based on the theme of friendship. The participants were guided by instructors from Social Creatives who created a fun filled session in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

A masterpiece can only be created by different strokes coming together. Likewise, this artwork expresses our SIVs work in joining hands to uplift lives in overseas communities through projects such as Water for Life and Words on Wheels.

“This is a good initiative by the SIF to bring all of us together, especially as we are all from different teams and programmes. It was a good bonding session and I really enjoyed myself tonight,” said Daniel Tan, an SIV who participated in Words on Wheels (Bandung).

“Although I have been volunteering regularly since last year, this is my first networking night. I felt that it was a good time to catch up with my project team members,” shared Anthony Mok, an SIV who regularly volunteers at Water for Life projects.

At the end of the session, 20 beautiful paintings were created.  These works of art will be presented to our friends in overseas communities as a way to express our deep friendship and strong collaboration. 

Participants putting the finishing touches to their painting as they enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and getting to know new ones during the networking night.

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