SIF-TTSH Collaborate to Raise Standards of Medical Care in Developing Communities

Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) ink a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), formalising their longstanding partnership and commitment to collaborate in meaningful healthcare projects. 

The five-year MOU between SIF and TTSH will enable both organisations to collaborate on healthcare projects in specific medical disciplines. It was co-signed by TTSH Chief Executive Officer Dr Eugene Fidelis Soh (second from left) and SIF Executive Director Ms Jean Tan (second from right), and witnessed by TTSH Chairman of the Medical Board A/Prof Thomas Lew (left) and SIF Division Director, Strategic Management, Mr Lawrence Teh (right).

Co-signed by SIF Executive Director Ms Jean Tan and TTSH Chief Executive Officer Dr Eugene Fidelis Soh on 9 October, the MOU would form the bedrock for the joint development of specialist volunteer projects in healthcare. These capacity-building projects are designed to achieve sustainable development in neighbouring countries such as Vietnam and China. They include the areas of Emergency Medicine, Renal Medicine, and Geriatric and Palliative Medicine.

“The SIF is honoured to partner TTSH in our mission to connect communities and enable collaborations for positive change. Healthcare is an area where Singapore medical professionals can contribute, alongside their counterparts overseas, to help raise standards of medical care in developing communities. We look forward to a partnership that will contribute to long-term positive development in the region,” shared Ms Jean Tan, SIF Executive Director. 

“Our collaboration with SIF paves the way for humanitarian capacity-building and collaboration in the region, with a community of practice approach. We aspire to build relationships with region so as to learn from one another and work on joint projects. It also provides good development opportunities for our staff personally and professionally,” said Dr Eugene Fidelis Soh, Chief Executive Officer of TTSH.

The SIF and TTSH have already made headway in developing potential projects in Hanoi, Vietnam and Yunnan, China, affirming the commitment of both parties to enable collaborations for good. Moving forward, both organisations will collectively work toward facilitating co-learning opportunities in development and leadership programmes for medical communities. The collaborative nature of the projects would also serve as a platform to foster greater intercultural understanding between Singaporean healthcare professionals and their international counterparts.

14 June 2018
SIF-NYC Collaborate to Build Regional Network of Young Changemakers

Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and National Youth Council (NYC) ink a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), formalising their partnership and commitment to collaborate on the ASEAN Youth Fellowship.

14 June 2018
Perspectives of an ASEAN Community from Around the Globe – SIF Launches Volume III of ‘Singapore: Insights from the Inside’

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31 May 2018
Collaborating Across Abilities and Cultures

About 350 participants from 12 countries attended the Arts & Disability International Conference 2018 to share developments in the area of arts and disability.

16 May 2018
Enhancing Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services Programme in Surabaya

Some 200 Indonesian healthcare workers in Surabaya, Indonesia have been equipped with enhanced knowledge and skills to assess, treat and manage child and adolescent patients with emotional and behavioural issues. This follows a two-year...

4 September 2017
Friends for a Better World

Through the lens of National Geographic, find out how our Citizen Ambassadors help to build a Better World.

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