Video Gallery

23 April 2012
Artist-in-Residence Exchange (AiRx)

Facilitating conversations between different artists and arts communities is something we are happy to be part of. That’s why we launched...

23 April 2012
Singapore Internationale

Believing that art has an important role to play in building a better world by bringing people together to share ideas that inspire, provoke and...

23 April 2012
IVCO 2010

The annual International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) conference saw heads of global volunteer-sending agencies gather to discuss...

16 April 2012
Friends of Singapore

We love making friends and building a better world through friendships. Our Friends of Singapore (FOS) programme in global cities builds such...

13 April 2012
Singapore Challenge

The annual Singapore Challenge brings local and international youths together for an exhilarating race around the island that promises fun,...

13 April 2012
Young Social Entrepreneurs

Our Young Social Entrepreneurs programme seeks to inspire, equip and enable youths of different nationalities to embark on social enterprise in...

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