AgriSocio (Youth Socio Agripreneur) (Indonesia)

Alfi Irfan; Rasyeed Hussen

AgriSocio aims to promote synergy between Indonesian undergraduate agriculture students and agricultural communities to achieve scale, productivity and sustainable development in the agricultural sector.


Backstreet Academy (Gazaab) (Nepal, Singapore)

Akash Guring; Anil Gurung; Jamon Mok

Gazaab wants to empower and inspire Nepalese in poverty to become social entrepreneurs. Their programme provides participants with knowledge, technology, business advice, and networks and funding, in the hope that they will be empowered to lead their own communities.


Social Cops (India)

Prukalpa Sankar; Jahagirdar Kavya Narayan; Varun Banka

Social Cops is an open web and mobile platform that connects various community stakeholders to identify and address public issues in India through data collection and analytics.


The Dorsal Effect (Singapore)

Kathy Xu

The Dorsal Effect promotes eco-tourism in Indonesia as an alternative source of livelihood for shark fishermen, in a bid to conserve the global shark population.