We try to keep our programmes dynamic and relevant. Over more than two decades, many of our programmes have evolved, while others live on under the umbrella of other organisations. Below are some of our past programmes.

If you’re an alumnus of any of our programmes, we’d love to reconnect with you.

  • Camp Singapore

    The first Camp Singapore was organised in 1996 for children of expatriates living in Singapore and children of overseas Singaporeans to understand Singapore’s history and cultural practices through experiential activities. Camp Singapore was held annually till 2009. It now resides under the purview of the Overseas Singaporean Unit as Camp @Home.

  • Friendship Express

    A two-week multimodal expedition spanning Asia, Friendship Express allowed Singaporean and international students to gain insights into different cultures and engaged overseas communities by collaborating on community projects, living and working together.

  • Humanitarian Relief Programme

    From 2000 to 2004, SIF’s Humanitarian Relief Programme enabled Singaporean volunteers to bring hope and relief to the distressed in the early stages of a disaster, when the window to save lives and reduce suffering is the greatest.

    In partnership with corporations, government and non-government organisations, the programme supported overseas communities by coordinating training for volunteers; providing teams with backend support such as financing, administration and logistics; gathering support from local and overseas parties; and by raising awareness in Singapore.

  • Ideas For A Better World Forum

    Ideas for a Better World Forum promoted the exchange of insights, perspectives and experiences between global thought leaders and the Singapore community, inspiring action to enrich lives and effect positive change for a better world.

    From 2010 to 2013, luminaries such as Andy Ridley, co-founder of Earth Hour; acclaimed conservationist and United Nations Messenger of Peace Dr Jane Goodall and Dr Mechai Viravaidya, a pioneer in the social entrepreneurship scene in Thailand, were invited to lead panel discussions in Singapore.

  • International Student Community

    Launched in November 2002, the International Student Community was a virtual hub where international students in Singapore could interact with each other and with local students to share their experience, find support and learn from each other, creating a global student community online.

    The aim of the programme was to help international students adjust well to living in Singapore, and to encourage Singaporean students to broaden their own appreciation of other cultures.

    Beyond virtual interaction, members were also invited to meet local students and community groups in person to experience Singapore food, social life, and our many festivals and cultures.

  • Little by Little

    Little by Little was a series of monthly cultural exchanges with the international community in Singapore to promote understanding and appreciation of different cultures, as well as enable the sharing of ideas and skills to enrich lives.

  • Middle East Eminent Persons Programme

    From 2007 till 2009, under the Middle East Eminent Persons Programme, we invited distinguished persons from the Middle East who had made valuable contributions to their fields of specialisation to visit Singapore. The programme aimed to promote personal and institutional linkages between leading Middle East and Singapore figures in government and the private sector, and to enhance the visitors' understanding of Singapore's governance and experience in the management of national resources.

    Since July 2009, the Middle East Institute in Singapore has taken over the coordination of the Middle East Eminent Persons Programme.

  • SIF-ASEAN Student Fellowship

    The SIF-ASEAN Student Fellowship ran from 1992 to 2004 where student leaders from ASEAN spent a semester in Singapore universities and lived with Singaporean host families. Through living and learning together, the programme fostered close ties and friendships among student leaders from all over ASEAN.

    Apart from experiencing university life in Singapore, Fellows also enjoyed activities introducing them to Singapore life. Upon completion of the programme, they formed the Fellowship alumni, with friendships extending across countries, years after the programme ended.

    In its 12th and final year, the Fellowship Alumni had over 400 members from all 10 ASEAN countries.

  • SIF Distinguished Visitors

    We believe in the importance of sharing ideas and experience, and are committed to enabling international collaborations to achieve social good.

    We achieve this by inviting global thought leaders and opinion makers to share their views with their counterparts and the public in Singapore at various forums and dialogues.

  • SIF International Student Symposium

    The SIF International Student Symposium was an international event for overseas and local Singaporean students, as well as for foreign students studying in Singapore. It was designed to heighten awareness of international issues’ impact on Singapore and the region.

  • SIF Welcomes!

    SIF Welcomes! introduced international tertiary students to Singapore through interactive activities.

  • Singapore Challenge

    Singapore Challenge was an annual event which brought local and international youths together for a race around the island that promised fun, friends and fascinating insights into Singapore.

  • Singapore Encore

    Singapore Encore was a series of events held across different cities worldwide to share Singapore's art and culture internationally through an evening of Singapore music and performances, visual arts, lifestyle design and culinary delights. From 2004 to 2009, Singapore Encore travelled to major cities including Brussels, Dubai, Los Angeles, Manila, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Vienna and Washington D.C.

  • Singapore Kopitiam

    The website Singapore Kopitiam introduced the culture, society and people of Singapore to the world through videos, blogs and commentaries featuring the lighter side of Singapore. Singapore Kopitiam was the predecessor to Our Better World, an online platform sharing stories of people doing good in Asia.

  • Young Business Ambassadors

    The Young Business Ambassadors (YBA) programme is a flagship SIF programme where outstanding young professionals immerse themselves in the all-round experience of working and living in countries such as China and Australia.

    Besides the opportunity to work in a related industry, YBAs also visit relevant organisations and government agencies, and network with business leaders, community leaders and government officials. This overseas exposure offers a valuable opportunity to develop global perspectives, share work experience, build international business links, and gain an understanding of foreign business environments.

    Since 2000, a total of 120 YBAs from more than 60 companies have participated in this exchange programme in Shanghai, Melbourne and Sydney.

  • Youth Expedition Project

    The Youth Expedition Project (YEP) was an initiative pioneered by SIF that took thousands of young Singaporeans on community service expeditions to China, India, and the ASEAN nations, between 2000 and 2005.

    Launched in 2000 by then Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the vision behind YEP was for Singaporean youths to become active and responsible world citizens, and to inspire them through meaningful overseas community service to make a difference to the lives of others, both at home and abroad. YEP at SIF concluded on 31 October 2005. In its final year, SIF sent 48 teams of 14 young people each to aid Sri Lanka in recovering from the 2004 tsunami. The project is now under the purview of the National Youth Council.