Nam Vu 

TMonitor’s mission is to empower people with knowledge, motivation and confidence to breathe better air and live a healthy, happy and productive life. This is done by building an open hardware and software platform to collect, monitor and analyse the air quality, turning “invisible” into “visible”.
Phuong Nguyen, Thy Pham, Linh Le 

Moodsing creates a secure app which can enhance mood, increase creativity, and connect people having the same mood by turning mood-related information in users' journals into songs. 
Living Zen
Nguyen Thu Thuy, Bui Mai Phuong, Tran Mai Ly

Living Zen provides experiential workshops, training and courses, and retreats to promote mental well-being and authentic connections with the community and the environment through the Mindfulness, Expressive Arts, and Social Support (MAS) model. The MAS model fosters self-awareness, self-expression and relationship building. Some of the services that it provides comprise experiential workshops, training and courses, and retreats.
Safe Life
Safe Life
Linh Pham, Chi Trieu and Hien Tran

Safe Life is a mobile application that integrates protection features to bring safety to users in danger. With an increasing number of criminal cases relating to theft and rape, the application aims to protect women and students who school or work till late. The app comprises useful features to help users get out of dangerous situations quickly and safely, including the emission of distress signals when activated, location tracking as well as messaging functions to connect with the local police.
F3 Supreme
Vu Dinh Va, Nguyen Thu Thao, Ngo Thu Anh

F3 Supreme is an e-commerce platform that empowers youths to showcase their design talent, especially in online games. It does this by employing young designers and connecting them with potential clients who may be interested to buy their designs. 

Digital Transformation
Bui Thi Dieu Linh

Digital Transformation is a mobile application that provides career counselling services for students in Vietnam. The application aims to assist high school students who are undecided or unsure about choosing a major and a career.