Our Specialist programmes contribute to long-term sustainable development in Asia. They enable our partners and skills-based volunteers to become advocates for positive change within their organisations and countries.

Types of Programmes

Teams of specialist Singapore International Volunteers undertake online and overseas missions to exchange knowledge and skills with their professional counterparts across the region. This enhances capability and capacity to foster sustainable positive change in overseas communities.



Universal access to affordable and quality healthcare is key to sustainable development. We upskill healthcare professionals to deliver quality public health services and strengthen healthcare systems for all.


A more equitable world can be achieved through inclusive and high-quality education. Through curriculum development and pedagogical training, we equip teachers to deliver quality teaching materials and impart life skills to their students.


DigiLABS is an online programme that upskills youths and working professionals to prepare them for the digital economy and contribute to digital solutions for global social issues.

Climate Hack

Climate Hack is a virtual programme that enables individuals in Asia to tap on the power of technology and international networks to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges of climate change.

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