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Arts for Good Fellowship

The Arts for Good (A4G) Fellowship is an annual programme that aims to grow the Arts for Good ecosystem, through a community of practice that harnesses the power of arts and culture to create positive social change.

The Fellowship brings together cross-sector professionals such as artists, arts administrators, creatives and programmers from the education and social sectors on an annual programme made up of experiential workshops, learning journeys and networking sessions across two exchange programmes in two global cities.


Participating Fellows will get to:

  • Build capacity, learn key skills and gain new perspectives in running effective Arts for Good initiatives;
  • Connect with professionals from an international ecosystem keen in using the arts for social change; and,
  • Join a global alumni network in supporting and collaborating with one another for future Arts for Good initiatives.

To date, after three successful editions, the A4G Fellowship has built an alumni network of 94 Fellows from 18 nationalities since its inception in 2017.


Two Exchange Programmes
The exchange programmes provide an opportunity for Fellows to gain insights into the Arts for Good ecosystem in a specific city. These fresh learnings will help to map and chart the effects of social change through arts against the needs and demands of the communities they work with.

Each exchange programme will take place over a four or five-day period in two global cities, including Singapore where the Fellowship is based.

Community Projects
Fellows will design and develop community projects during the duration of the Fellowship. The development of the projects will begin during the first exchange programme in Singapore and be implemented during the second exchange programme.






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14 July 2017
Celebrating an Inclusive World through the Arts

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) is honoured to have received the Patron of the Arts Award 2017 for the sixth consecutive year. We share this achievement with our partners, donors, Citizen Ambassadors and international friends who...

24 June 2020
500 Appreciation Cards, 500 Care Packets, One Big-hearted Community - An Arts For Good (A4G) Initiative For Outram Community Hospital

Rallying the support of the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) A4G Fellowship community, Alumni Fellow and Citizen Ambassador (CA) Sherry Soon, alongside her organisation, Be Kind SG, prepared appreciation cards and care packets for staff...

29 April 2020
Gift A Song

#GiftASong is a campaign in support of livelihoods disrupted during #COVID19 and an initiative to uplift spirits through songs in these trying times. Local musicians from Singapore have been busy recording song dedications from home for their...

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