The Impact Media Fellowship aims to build capacity and promote an exchange of ideas among media professionals, publishers, and broadcasters who want to use their platforms for social change. The programme focuses on professional training and knowledge-sharing via training workshops, panel discussions, and cross-cultural exchanges.

Programme Objectives

The Impact Media Fellowship is designed to equip participants with the skills and resources to envision and enable positive social change in their communities. During the programme, participants have the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts, seasoned media professionals and peers on pressing global issues such as climate action, combating fake news, and widening support for vulnerable populations.

What You Can Expect

International Network

Join an international ecosystem of like-minded individuals in the media industry to connect and explore collaborations.

Capacity building

Develop practical skills and knowledge to harness the power of media and create positive social change.

Multi-sectoral exchanges

Engage with peers, industry experts, and professionals from diverse sectors.

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