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20 February 2012
Street Party for Good through Social Media
By offering a sense of shared future and hope, Earth Hour has reached hundreds of millions of people in five years, says the global movement's co-founder.
27 October 2011
The Race to Zero
John Elkington, the Founding Partner and Executive Chairman of Volans, challenged his audience to “break the sustainability barrier” at the Singapore International Foundation’s...
25 October 2011
Singapore Being a Good Global Citizen
Singapore’s Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong believes Singapore International Foundation has contributed to the good image of Singapore as a "helpful and trustworthy"...
8 August 2011
Tributes to SIF’s Ex-Patron
Remarks of appreciation from the SIF community on His Excellency S R Nathan's contributions as its Patron as he steps down as President of Singapore.
22 July 2011
Weed or Herb? From Special Needs to Specialists
Social entrepreneur Thorkil Sonne is trying to change how the world thinks about autism.
4 July 2011
Jane Goodall: Do Something before the Planet Gives Up
Dr Jane Goodall urges the world to get together to save the environment at the Ideas for a Better World Forum.
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