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DiverseCity showcases the collaboration of Singaporean artists and their overseas partners, promoting awareness and understanding across cultures. Through the sharing of insights and collaborations, our Citizen Ambassadors forge new friendships amidst diverse cultures, celebrating the diversity of Singapore culture on the global stage.

DiverseCity 2014

DiverseCity 2014 is a celebration of the role of Singaporean artists as citizen ambassadors in connecting, promoting understanding and building relationships across countries, as well as the diversity and global reach of Singapore’s culture.

Our biennial DiverseCity showcase was held at the Stamford Gallery, National Museum of Singapore from 10 December 2014 to 28 February 2015 and presented a series of narratives about these artists’ works and friendships with the communities in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Kingdom and the United States, among several others.

We also featured projects by some 130 of SIF’s Singapore Internationale artists through presentations in over 40 countries.


Connecting Cultures - Promoting Understanding Through Culture

Singaporean producer and artist Tan Kheng Hua created SIN-PEN Colony for the George Town Festival in Penang, Malaysia. For two weekends, this mini Singapore festival spilled onto the streets of George Town and filled some of its heritage architecture with a celebration of the shared culture between the two cities – an immersive mix of theatre, design, music, cuisine and playwriting. Tan Kheng Hua also shared her story as a citizen ambassador.


Collaborating For a Better World - Effecting Positive Change and Enriching Lives through Culture

Together with Singaporean thought leaders, Indonesian educator, architect and artist Professor Eko Prawoto discussed in a forum the central role of arts and culture in Indonesia and Singapore. The forum engaged the public on ground-up action to encourage cultural sustainability and ways to reactivate traditional knowledge to address today’s issues.

Engaging Communities - Growing Global Networks of Friends

In partnership with the British Council, we brought together Singaporean artist-architect Randy Chan and British artist Philippa Lawrence to live in and gain insights into each other’s cities, engage with the local community and collaborate to produce Angles of Incidence.  The installation has been exhibited at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Inner Temple Gardens in London and is now situated next to the Banyan Tree at the National Museum of Singapore. The duo, along with several others, have partnered SIF in reaching out to communities and new friends around the world through art.

DiverseCity 2012

Featuring over 92 Singaporean artists and the 108 works they’ve presented in 91 cities, the showcase was a celebration of not only the repertoire and global reach of Singapore art and culture, but cross-cultural exchange and collaboration at its very best. DiverseCity 2012 took place at 8Q at Singapore Art Museum from 16 November to 2 December 2012.


Connecting Cultures - Promoting Understanding Through Culture

A culmination of SIF’s work in 2012 in bridging communities through art via the Singapore Internationale grant, DiverseCity 2012 featured familiar faces such as Ming Wong, Ho Tsu Yuen, Vertical Submarine, Robert Zhao, and Zakaria Zainal, and plenty of new and emerging artists too. Spanning four genres of multi-media art, the showcase delivered a rich multi-sensory experience of diverse cultures.


Collaborating For a Better World - Effecting Positive Change and Enriching Lives through Culture

A third feature of DiverseCity is Arts Connection, where art brings people together and enables collaborations for a better world. An example of this is Little by Little, a collaboration between SIF and the Little Arts Academy to involve the international community in art and cultural exchanges to enrich the lives of youths.

DiverseCity also featured art therapy projects in India and The Everyday Revolution, a social enterprise founded by SIF’s Young Social Entrepreneurs 2012 programme alumna Sophia Tan.


Engaging Communities - Growing Global Networks of Friends

The showcase also highlighted collaborative works – from the SIF-British Council Artist-in-Residence exchange programme (where Singaporean artists collaborate with their British peers) to Project Glocal, which presents multilateral collaborations for bridging communities.

SIF alumni and Project Glocal curator Dayang Yraola (the Philippines), together with Vichaya Mukdamanee (Thailand), worked with 29 other artists from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore on a cross-cultural exploration of the four cities. DiverseCity hosted the Singapore leg of Project Glocal.


DiverseCity 2011

On 1 December 2011, we held the inaugural Singapore Internationale (SI) showcase and also launched the commemorative publication DiverseCity: Connecting Communities through Art.

We were delighted and honoured to have Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, and more than 100 local and overseas guests join us in celebrating the diversity and richness of Singapore art, the global reach of SI artists, and the collaborations and relationships forged between Singaporeans and world communities through art.

One of the highlights of the showcase was the art installation that SI recipient Syndicate created, depicting an interconnected city of collaborations.

Apart from the works of 60 artists  and art groups – showcased either through physical artworks or excerpts of stories on their experiences overseas – guests were treated to live performances by SI recipients: Wicked Aura Batucada, Dance Ensemble Singapore and artists Tze (composer-jazz piano player), Lazar T. Sebastine (Indian violin player) and Teo Boon Chye (saxophone player). 



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26 May 2020
Gift A Song Project Invites You To Spread Cheer And Uplift Spirits Through Music Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

This Arts for Good (A4G) project by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) commissions homegrown artistes to belt out our favourite song covers as a gift to someone we care about.

25 March 2020
The Singapore International Foundation’s (SIF) Arts for Good (A4G) Fellowship 2019 Ended on a High Note with its Delhi Exchange Programme​

Last leg of the Fellowship saw 33 international Fellows bonding over arts-based community projects to harness the power of arts and culture in creating positive social change.

15 April 2020
SIF A4G Fellows come together for Stay Home Quilt – a participatory project that lives out the transformative power of the arts in times of COVID-19

A key thrust of the Arts for Good (A4G) Fellowship by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) is to grow the Arts for Good ecosystem. One that brings together a community of cross-sector practitioners to harness the power of the arts in...

29 April 2020
Gift A Song

#GiftASong is a campaign in support of livelihoods disrupted during #COVID19 and an initiative to uplift spirits through songs in these trying times. Local musicians from Singapore have been busy recording song dedications from home for their...

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