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Citizen Ambassadors

Each of us represents our culture and our country in different ways.

Some of us share our culture through the arts; some through running businesses with a social mission.

In all of these instances, we play the role of Citizen Ambassadors for Singapore, connecting and collaborating with world communities to effect positive change.

A Citizen Ambassador is a friend of the world -- someone who recognises that Singapore sits within the global community and that there is a need for greater understanding between countries in order to build a better, more peaceful and inclusive world. 

All Citizen Ambassadors shall agree to the SIF Global Citizens Charter, which sets out the principles, values and behaviours expected of them, based on the foundation’s mission and core values.

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Every Singaporean is an ambassador of Singapore.
We need the efforts of all to achieve our goal of becoming a nation of responsible global citizens.
I think this is what the next stage of Singapore’s development should be focused on. Ambassador Ong Keng Yong,
SIF Chairman




Our work with overseas and Singaporean communities are powered by individual and corporate donors who share the same goal of effecting positive change globally. Come onboard as a project donor today and join us in enabling collaborations for good.


Ngee Ann Development Pte Ltd,
a subsidiary of

Marine Parade Leadership Foundation

2019 SIF Award Winners

Commendation Awards

These awards are given to Friends of SIF, who contribute their time, talent and efforts to the organisation, while nurturing ties and trust between Singapore and world communities. As Global Citizens, they convey the values that the SIF stands for: compassion, responsibility and kinship.

Global Citizen Award

For individuals who have partnered the SIF on various fronts and across multiple programmes through the years, to effect positive change in local and overseas communities.

Citizen Ambassador Award

For programme partners and alumni who have given their time, talent or other notable contributions to support the work of the SIF.


Friend of Singapore – Gotong Royong Award

For overseas friends who helped nurture the ‘kampung spirit’ between Singapore and world communities on the people to people level. The cross-cultural exchanges they facilitated have strengthened mutual trust and understanding among communities and inspired more action for good.

Dedication Awards

These awards are given to Friends of SIF, who have volunteered with us on our programmes for consecutive years to effect positive change in overseas communities.

Long Service Award – 15 Years

Long Service Award – 10 Years

Long Service Award – 5 Years

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