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25 April 2013
Water for Life, Siem Reap (25-26 April 2013)

22 volunteers from Deutsche Bank's regional offices joined our Water for Life (Siem Reap) project for the first time to celebrate Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation’s 10th anniversary. Out...

22 April 2013
Water for Life, Siem Reap (22-24 April 2013)

We wish to thank this diverse group of 16 Singapore International Volunteers (SIV) who did a wonderful job of installing so many water filters for our Cambodian friends. They built 40 bio-sand...

28 March 2013
Young Social Entrepreneurs Workshop 2013

Sixteen teams from eight countries to embark on SIF’s Young Social Entrepreneurs 2013 programme.

25 March 2013
Ideas for a Better World Forum: Game On! Nurturing Tomorrow’s Changemakers

Ashoka Fellow, Matthew Spacie, was the keynote speaker at the Singapore International Foundation’s 10th Ideas for a Better World forum held on 15 March 2013.

17 March 2013
SIV @ Singapore World Water Day 2013

In conjunction with Singapore World Water Day 2013, Vincent Pang and his team, PASSION (hi-fives to Edwin Pang, Inbardah, Brian Wong & Susi), took part in the Public Utility Board (PUB)-led...

8 March 2013
SIF Connects! London | Disappearing Moon #2

SIF Connects! London is a celebration of friendships, partnerships and the strengthening of relationships between Singaporean and British communities through art. We launched the London-leg of the...

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