Welcome Remarks By Mr Shee Tse Koon, SIF Governor, At The Launch Of Paediatric Emergency And Neonatal Care Project In Surabaya, Indonesia

Dr Sri Agustina Ariandani, Director, Surabaya Haji General Hospital,
Distinguished guests from the East Java Provincial Government,
Prof Chua Yeow Leng, Group Director, International Collaboration Office, Singapore Health Services,
Singapore International Volunteers,
Partners and Friends,

Selamat siang! Thank you for joining us at the launch of the Singapore International Foundation, or SIF, Paediatric Emergency and Neonatal Care Project.

In an era of rapid medical advancements, improving the standards of care for vulnerable groups such as children and newborns remains a critical issue for the global population. Many countries are striving to achieve the United Nations’ third Sustainable Development Goal which seeks to ensure health and well-being for all, at every stage of life. There is now greater urgency to reduce the mortality rate of infants and young children. I am therefore heartened to see Singapore and Indonesia collaborating to solve this problem.

Over the next four years, the SIF, Surabaya Haji General Hospital and Singapore Health Services will work together to augment the quality of paediatric emergency and neonatal care in East Java, Indonesia. A team of Singapore International Volunteers, or SIVs, comprising doctors and nurses from KK Children and Women’s Hospital, will train and work closely with their Indonesian counterparts. Among the trainees, a core team of master trainers will be identified and further equipped to train others in the field. This is to create long-term positive impact in improving the care of paediatric emergencies and neonatal cases.

Overall, we expect this project to benefit over 50,000 young patients annually in participating hospitals across the province. The project is designed to train participants through clinical workshops, leadership dialogues, symposia, a study visit to Singapore, as well as the sharing of healthcare information to the wider community. I heard that fruitful discussions had taken place at this morning’s symposium – a promising start to this international collaboration!

At the SIF, our mission is to bridge world communities to collaborate and effect positive change. We are privileged to embark on this journey with friends and partners who share the same vision in making this world a better place. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the East Java Provincial Government and Surabaya Haji General Hospital for welcoming us into your home for this meaningful collaboration. Our deepest appreciation also goes to SingHealth and our dedicated team of SIVs led by Adjunct Professor Victor Samuel. We look forward to seeing impactful work in meeting the needs of our children and infants who deserve the best start in life.

In all, this year marks the 26th anniversary of SIF’s friendship with the people of Indonesia. May this project deepen our ties and continue the gotong-royong spirit between our communities for many years to come.

I wish you an enriching and fulfilling day ahead. Terima kasih!



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